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When we use a gas-fired boiler water testingbination kit, we first open the burner door, remove the rear housing panel, and unscrew the rear side cleaning port of the boiler. Clean the gas pipeline with a steel wire brush. Clean the combustion chamber with a soft brush. Gas-fired boiler remove residue from the boiler, screw the clean port, close the burner door, and check that the sealing ring is intact. If the boiler is installed in an area where the temperature is below 0 ℃, the following protective measures must be taken: if the boiler room is outdoors, the indoor temperature shall be lowered to 15 ℃ or 18 ℃, so that the boiler can operate throughout the day. If there is no one in the room for a long time, the water in the boiler should be emptied.

Recently, Hangzhou Provincial People's Government for the quality of atmospheric environment issues issued a deadline for compliance plan, as follows.

First, the situation and challenges

Since the "Atmospheric ten" implementation of Hangzhou to build an ecological civilization as a guide to improve the quality of atmospheric environment as the goal, carry out air pollution prevention and control actions to protect the G20 summit in Hangzhou as an opportunity to promote a strong "coal-fired flue gas, industrial emissions , vehicle exhaust, dust gray gas, urban and rural exhaust "other" gas cohabitation ", strengthen regional joint prevention and control, air pollution control and achieved remarkable results, no built coal-fired thermal power, iron and steel producers no, no emission vehicles "three noes" urban atmospheric environmental quality continues to improve.

(A) Key Performance

1, ambient air quality improved significantly.

In the case of the national economy with an average annual growth of 9.1% of the "second five" major pollutants emission reduction achieved remarkable, sulfur dioxide, total nitrogen oxide emissions compared to 2010, respectively, decreased by 21.9%, 26.5%, exceeding the state-assigned the reduction targets and tasks.

2, energy and industrial structure gradually optimized.

The city's total energy consumption growth narrowed year by year, total energy consumption in 2015 was 39.48 million tons of standard coal, an average annual increase of "Twelfth Five-Year" period is only 3.4%, compared with the "Eleventh Five-Year" down 2.1 percentage points.

3, industrial pollution prevention deepened.

Promoting desulfurization and denitrification and dust removal facilities, coal-fired thermal power generating units are completed desulfurization, denitrification facilities, a total of 87 coal-fired thermal power generating units ultra-low emissions transformation.

4. The motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and continuous progress.

"Twelve Five" period, and comprehensively promote the yellow car out of work in 2015, the city basically eliminated emission vehicles.

5, comprehensively promote urban and rural waste gas treatment.

"Twelve Five" period, to strengthen the construction site dust management, the establishment of civilized city construction sites and construction dust pollution comprehensive rectification work leading group, the establishment of municipal, district, enterprise level management network.

6, continue to strengthen capacity building.

"Twelve Five" period, the construction of Hangzhou, air pollution control system for continuous improvement, introduced the "Hangzhou pollution prevention provisions of the atmosphere", and the issuance of the annual air pollution control plan and supporting the implementation of assessment methods.

(B) there is a problem

1, ambient air quality improvement into the bottleneck.

In recent years, the effectiveness of atmospheric environmental quality improved significantly, but control "Ambient Air Quality Standard" (GB3095-2012) secondary standards are still gaps.

2. Regional collaborative governance is still run-in period.

The analysis results Hangzhou PM2.5 sources, the contribution to the local discharge air in an urban environment PM2.5 concentration 62% -82%, about 72% on average. Regional transport to urban ambient air concentrations of PM2.5 contribution accounts for 18% -38%, an average of about 28%, in different seasons affect the Hangzhou area varies. A higher proportion of regional transport and complexity of the transmission source region to control air pollution in Hangzhou more difficult to establish and improve regional air pollution is critical institutional mechanisms of joint prevention and control.

3, into the deep water of air pollution control.

In recent years, Hangzhou, air pollution prevention and control work has achieved remarkable success, but there are still many "shortcomings" in the current governance of air pollution, structural, further highlights the deep-seated problems.

(1) optimize the industrial structure needs to continue, heavy pollution in some areas, high energy-consuming industries and the "messy dirty" business issues are still quite prominent.

Total coal (2) Energy consumption is still high, the use of natural gas supply capacity and scale need to be strengthened, industrial parks (industrial parks) are still blind spots of central heating, renewable energy development and utilization efforts still need to increase.

(3) heavy end of the treatment, the light source control and cleaner production, the work of "second five" major emission control measures revolve around the end of pollutants on source control and cleaner production process is still insufficient attention.

(4) With SO2, NOx reduction work continued in-depth, project emissions space shrinking, VOCs emissions is more a lack of technical means, the rigidity of the vehicle population growth, vehicles, ships and non-road mobile machinery and other mobile source pollution control to be a breakthrough. With the difficulty of the work of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution key areas continue to increase, the city is still on air pollution control into the deep water.

4, the basic work is still weak period.

Municipal government attaches great importance to air pollution control work, work-related basis more solid, but there are still many weak links. Hangzhou, organization and leadership of atmospheric pollution control systems should be strengthened, the department division of labor, the working mechanism of collaborative governance needs improvement. Local standards should be further improved, pollution resources and a list of atmospheric pollution still need to be updated regularly.

Other factors affect boiler water testingbination kit temperature, gas-firing rate, and production rate as well. Running your gas-fired boiler at the right temperature means having all of the auxiliary systems set up right. Cold combustion air entering the boiler from malfunctioning steam coil air heaters, preheaters, or tramp air will require more fuel to be used to keep the steam outlet temperature and pressure stable. Cold feedwater will act similarly, reducing steaming rate until more fuel is put into the boiler. Leaking attemperator valves, unbalanced dampers, and dirty gas (yes, it does happen) will also destroy boiler efficiency. At the other end of the spectrum, running the boiler too hot may exceed the allowable temperatures of the superheaters and economizers, resulting in premature wear or possible tube failure. Air heaters are used to warm the air to reduce the amount of fuel needed for proper boiler temperature

This can be seen, hot water boiler water testingbination kits and steam boilers are different in terms of scope and environmental protection, so the consumer can select different when using a boiler plant according to their needs.

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